Hydrasplit project

In the last years EU represented around 40% of global natural stone production, bringing Europe as one of world's largest producers and exporters of natural stone. European countries like Italy, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Germany and France are important players while other European countries are in positively growing. However, in spite of its leading role on the global market, Europe has been losing power in the last few years due to non-European aggressive trading competition bringing a decrease in employment of more than 15% in the last decade. At extraction only 20-25% of extracted rocks are accepted, meeting the requirements for being further processed into a cost-efficient product. This quantity constitutes a major environmental impact because the discarded rocks (75-80%) are considered unprofitable to process into valuable products.

Within this framework, the need for a reliable and cost-efficient extractive tool is of great importance for the competitiveness of the European quarrying industry. In compliance with these requirements, the Hydrasplit project is aimed at developing a novel, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly system which exploits pressurized water to efficiently split large rocks during quarry extraction activities. The system will be designed to bring several advantages with respect to explosives and other extraction technologies, to potentially replace them thanks to its higher productivity and extracted rock quality. It will be suitable for different rock types and could be used in different environmental and vibration sensitive areas without damaging the surrounding rock or causing excessive disturbance to the environment during the splitting operations. A prototype of the system will be assembled and tested to evaluate and optimize its performance in real working conditions.


Hydrasplit relevance in the world

The following figure depicts the major Hydrasplit dissemination events by geographical areas and provide for each dissemination event an estimate of the audience size (small, medium, large event) and of the relevance to the project impact (low, medium, high).


Hydrasplit at MARMOMACC 2014

Hydrasplit was presented at MARMOMACC2014 during the General Assembly of the European & International ...

Hydrasplit at Natural Stone 2014

Hydrasplit was presented at the 11th Natural Stone International Marble, Natural Stone Products & Tec ...

Hydrasplit at Piedra 2014

Hydrasplit has been presented in May 2014 in Madrid at Piedra 2014.

Hydrasplit survey on quarry equipments available

Hydrasplit survey on quarry equipments is now available. Click on the news title to get more informati ...

General Assembly Meeting

Hydrasplit General Assembly meeting was held in Boras (SW) on May, 6-7, 2013. The meeting focused on t ...

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Joint workshop

Joint workshop with the EU project EE-quarry (http://www.ee-quarry.eu/) - Goteborg, Sweden 20 October 2013

A Jointly Workshop (Hydrasplit and EE-quarry) will be held in Goteborg at SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden) to establish a collaboration between the two European projects that are running in the areas of systems for improving the efficiency and performance of the extraction and mining industries.

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